Gaming from a tablet in 2019 is a godsend. Think of the upsides. You get to play both Android and iOS games with a great extra viewing field that allows you to enjoy every single detail. All sorts of native apps work with your tablet, whether it is an Android or an iOS-powered device. In a word, a tablet is arguably the best handheld device you can enjoy iGAMING with thanks to its light weight and portability. Eager to get started with some of the top games out there? So are we, and here is our thorough breakdown:

Which Tablet Casino Games Should You Play?

Tablets are inherently better at providing online casino lovers with a great level of experience. The additional play field and good native resolution are only part of the technical perks. Software developers also take some of the credit, as they have created cutting-edge titles that can be accessed from all top-shelf tablets, including iPads, today. With this being said, there are loads of games to choose from, including:

  • Starburst
  • Lucha Libre
  • Mega Moolah
  • Achilles
  • Voyage of the Vikings
  • Lucky Leprechaun & others

Why these games? Well, they all come with innovative features, cutting-edge graphics and a whole lot of special features to enjoy on top of everything else. Get introduced to 3D visuals, progressive jackpots worth up to $10 millions, and possibly more, and expanding wilds features that you won’t find anywhere else but on the best tablet casino games.

The iGAMING experience today is not really accomplished without having had the opportunity to play from a tablet. The slightly better viewing field combined with the light weight of the device means that you can have a better overall gameplay.

All slot makers these days test their games extensively to ensure that they are fully playable from all modern devices and operating systems. Samsung and Apple are two of the largest manufactures when it comes to great casino tablets, including the Galaxy Series and Apple’s signature device – the iPad.

Why Play Slots on Tablets?

You already know why tablets make the best devices for casino gameplay. Once again, their fairly larger screens and light weight come fist. It’s also very easy to have a tablet with you on the go and play whenever you wish. They are far more comfortable when it comes to handhold and allow you to quickly pause a game that you aren’t in the mood to immediately continue.

Besides, tablets are part of the Omni-channel experience meaning that you can play on your commute from work, and then continue at home from your desktop computer, if you prefer. Omni-channel is all about the player’s comfort, and this is precisely what you can expect to find by choosing to play from a tablet device.

These small considerations on the part of slot makers and manufactures all contribute to a far more pleasant gaming environment.

Should You Play with a Tablet App?

To streamline the gameplay even further, you may want to consider installing an app. Depending on your Operating System (OS), this is either going to be an Android or iOS solution. Regardless of the OS, an app can be installed on your app, which will give you some advantages, such as:

  • You can start playing with a single tap
  • It’s easier to keep track of the games you like
  • You can return to a game later on
  • Your password is safely stored on your deice

With all of this being said, there are still some people who would rather play from their smartphones, as they are even lighter and easier to carry around. However, for a dedicated gaming session, a tablet still seems like the smartest choice to make and you should most certainly follow through.

A Quick Bonus for Tablet Slot Games

Bonuses are available to all casino users today. You can expect access to the full array of complementary offers as long as you are using a tablet. The treats you can claim come in all shapes and forms, including a welcome package for new users, no deposit offer for those who are keen on testing titles without staking their own money, and free spins to try and spot certain slot patterns. Bonuses are very liberating in the sense that they give you enough extra capital to be creative, but at the same time, they do come with their own set of requirements and expectations from the player as well.

Are Tablet Slots Games Safe?

Yes, tablets are perfectly safe devices to enjoy online gaming from. Once again, you may need to take extra precautions by avoiding websites that haven’t been licensed, but overall, you will find the device to be iron-clad in terms of security. Yet, it does help to install a VPN and anti-virus software and to verify that the casino you have chosen to play at has SSL encryption. It’s by covering these basics that you can know that all your private data is safe and off-limits to third parties.

Charging Your iGAMING Account with a Tablet

Carrying out simple banking operations for your casino account with a tablet is very simple and comparable to a desktop experience. You can use the full range of deposit and withdrawal options that will allow you to have a full control over your funds. Remember that most casinos would expect you to deposit and withdraw with the same payment option.

Final Thought on Playing Tablet Slots

Comparing the different slot experiences, playing from a tablet definitely makes it to the top of our personal list. We enjoy the smooth design of the handheld devices themselves and appreciate the flexibility of the experience. Wherever you are, you can always pop on for a quick session on your tablet and play on your own terms. With bonuses and banking being fully accessible features from your tablet, there is little really that would stop you from having a blast.