long time ago, the casino industry opened its digital parlors to the brave wide world beyond. Stripping any restrictions from the gaming experience once and for all, the move reunited people from every corner of the gambling community, giving them an opportunity to enjoy varying gaming treats. One specific product eventually became synonymous of the entire industry. We mean, of course, the online slots.

And this is why we are here today. At Slots Reviewed we deliver the most comprehensive, insightful and helpful analyses you will ever find. While many online casino reviews will help you pick a top brand, only a few will consider slots in the same level of detail as we do.

If you are interested in finding out who the top developers are or locating the most popular slots on the market, you have come to the right place. We have inquisitive minds ourselves, and we are quite prepared to impart our knowledge to our fellow slot lovers!

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Finding the Best Online Slot Casinos – Our Reviewing Process

There are thousands of slots online, and you may wonder how we manage to stay on top. Well, it’s simple. Our experts have been part of the industry since it first started to branch out into the digital space. As a result, we have cumulative knowledge that goes back over two decades or so, allowing us to deliver precise and insightful online casino reviews.

A panel with a number of available slot titles.
A great variety of slots awaits!

We will touch on the most fun aspects of gaming, such as online slots, and explain how individual games work, what their special features are, and also help you find your way around any slot that provides you with any number of game-changing options.

Our experts will discuss interesting concepts, such as game volatility and explain the return-to-player (RTP) rates. The choice is indeed quite ample and if you can’t make up your mind, we will provide you with a roadmap to the best brands that offer great slots and teach you how to play like a champ.

Explaining Gameplay & Special Symbols

We are quite sure that you already know your way around a game of slots, but there could be a few aspects or terms that may still be a little vague to you. At Slots Reviewed, we want our readers to be fully-prepared for the great slot bonanza that lies ahead.
With this in mind, let’s focus on the basics and explain what versions of online slots there are and also help you understand the specific symbols that promise to turn your loose change into solid winnings.

Types of Slots

Online slots are quite a few to begin with. There are thousands of options out there and they understandably constitute the bulk of any operator’s offer. With their special symbols and secreted bonus levels, discovering the perfect slot for you is a fun and rewarding process. But even better, chances are that you will come across dozens, if not hundreds, of games that you will find enjoyable and wanting to play through over and over again.

To make sense of the wealth of options, you can always rely on our online casino reviews which will help you understand the available types of slots. This way, you can narrow down the games you enjoy by specific criteria and choose the treats you like the best. Let’s list the different types of online slots for you. In exploring the segment, you may encounter:

  • 3D Slots
  • I-Slots
  • 3-Reelers
  • 5-Reelers
  • Video Slots
  • Fruit Machines
  • Progressive Jackpots

Some of these terms may look a bit unfamiliar whereas others will strike home with you. Who hasn’t heard of the most famous progressive jackpot game Mega Moolah, the game which has made quite a few people millionaires!

A game of Mega Moolah with five wilds.
Hitting a string of Wild Symbols in popular jackpot game Mega Moolah

Meanwhile, 3D slots are everywhere you look these days with exotic titles, such as Gonzo’s Quest and Jumanji. From movie franchises to mythology and history, slots have reinvented themselves to cater to any gamer.

Types of Slots and What they Mean

  • 3D Slots – Animated slots that often come with 3D characters who assist you with the game or are part of the of the plot.
  • I-Slots – A personalized slot* that lets you influence the outcome of your game to a greater-than-usual degree.
  • 3-Reeler/5-Reeler – A slot that is simply identified by the number of reels it has.
  • Video slots – The most common type of slots which succeeded the 3-Reeler (classic) games.
  • Fruities – A common term to describe a simple slot that uses fruit as its symbols.
  • Progressive jackpots – A slot that allows you to win a jackpot that grows based on other people’s bets. A standard slot could have a jackpot, but it would not be “progressive”.

*I-Slots is just an arbitrary term that describes the games that allow you to make a choice. For instance, you can be asked to pick a card or choose a character. It’s not wildly recognized, but as games become more customer-focused, it’s useful to keep this in mind.

Mind, some websites can come up with their own variations, such as “stacking wilds slots”, but that’s no reason for alarm, as all slots will boil down to the already outlined classifications here. And now, since we mentioned “Wilds”, let’s take care of explaining what specific symbols for each slot there are.

Special Symbols

Slots do have their own special symbols. These are always quite the joy to get on the reels, as you will be on the receiving end of better payouts. And so, you can treat yourself to Scatters, Wilds, and Multipliers. Each of these will have their distinct qualities that will generally be an improvement on the gaming experience, and your bankroll.

  • Wild – If you have played any game, then you would know what a “wild card is”. In slots, it’s exactly the same. This is a symbol that can substitute for any other sign bar the Scatter. This way you can get better payouts for your efforts and enjoy a more fulfilling experience.
  • Scatter – The Scatter is an even more desired treat than the Wild. With a Scatter you can quickly land yourself a payout, or perhaps add a handful of free spins extra and even pry open the bonus level. Scatters come with their own set of conditions, meaning that to trigger a goodie, you need to meet the requirements. They are all available in the help section every slot comes with.
  • Multiplier – The Multiplier will boost the row numbers severalfold and land you a tidy sum of profit. This could be something as little as 2x your winnings and all the way up to 25x!

This covers the special symbols that you will encounter throughout your gameplay. Keep in mind that the majority of titles will have only one of each, but some slots offer cool features as a “progressive multiplier”, and even more than a single Scatter, Wild, or both! There’s even such a thing as “Evolving Wilds”, but that’s a game-specific thing.

Thor & Loki gameplay.
Playson’s Thor & Loki introduce us to the concept of evolving wilds!

Speaking of the extra features, the Scatter may present you with a choice whereby you have to pick which of the available bonus levels (there can be more than one!) you want to explore. Other games will ask you first which character you want to be, and your choice will determine what specific features you have access to, such as multipliers, extra spins, and so forth. There are no clear-cut rules here and the sky is practically the limit.

Tinkering with the Interface

A good review will always cover every last single aspect of a slot’s interface and this is precisely where we come in. You will notice that we have left no stone unturned. Most games are quite simple, but it helps to know how tinkering with the settings will affect your gameplay.

Legends of Ra gameplay and interface
Learning the slots interface with Legends of Ra

A good slot will have an intuitive display that will allow you to quickly find your way around the place. The Spin button cold be written in text or be a big rounded button. You can benefit from the fantastic “Auto Spin” feature, which will keep you playing if you quickly need to be somewhere else.

If you are feeling lucky, you can simply hop to the “Max Bet” button, which will automatically adjust your bet to the maximum value possible. You can tinker with how much you stake by either increasing the “value of your coins” or just jacking up the “levels”.
It’s important to remember that there will be a maximum and minimum bet after all, so that you cannot go under or beyond a certain threshold/ceiling.

Online slots paytables.
Study up the important details of the slot experience!

Another useful thing that not many gamers make a habit of examining is the paytables and bonus features. Everything you will ever need to know about a game of slots is there. Still, you will definitely benefit from our online casino reviews, because we don’t just relate to you the facts, but also test the advertised features and give you an idea of what to expect. More often than not – we provide useful tips, too!

The Best Slots to Choose

At Slots Reviewed you will find many excellent recommendations about the top gaming products out there. You will certainly want to get your hands on the best ones. How do you make sense of this delightful influx of titles, then? It’s simple – you can pick one off our recommendations or use the casino’s navigation to spot the best titles.

A navigation bar at an online casino.
Navigation at one of the best brands in the industry.

Each casino will have their own unique way of promoting the games. Some will be branded as “New” or “Popular”. If you have a specific title, or even a theme, in mind, you can certainly drop the keyword in the search box, and enjoy yourself sifting through the results.
Meanwhile, some slot-centered portals are quite good at providing you with exhaustive lists of games by specific criteria, such as developer, popularity or what version the slot is.

Navigation at a casino.
Pick your slot game by virtue of the filter alone.

We realize that the choice of a decent slot title can seem a bit overwhelming at first sight. That’s why we review the online slots by several distinct criteria that put any worry behind you and turn the process into a straightforward and exciting undertaking instead. So, you can pick a slot by virtue of the:

  • Return to Player (RTP) rates
  • Type of the game
  • New releases

We hold these to be important and underpinning criteria in helping you choose the slot game you like the best. If you are after higher-paying titles, you can quickly sift through the available options by virtue of their RTPs.

And if you prefer to play only progressive jackpots, for example, you can arrive at a specific review with a few clicks. Lastly, we also pay attention to the latest releases as they come with the most comprehensive and exciting features available on the market.

In light of this, we will even recommend titles that may have not been too popular, but which we hold to be loads of fun and promising a fair opportunity to turn a profit, too!

A Quick Word About Volatility and RTPs

When we conduct our online casino reviews, we pay attention to some of the more interesting features of the products we handle. Volatility is another term that we would like to introduce you to. Put simply, it’s the frequency with which games will pay out.

On the other hand, the Return to Player (RTP) rates demonstrate how much you stand to win back from the money you invest. However, there is always a chance to score higher than the advertised rates and vice versa, so be prepared for anything.

High Volatility and What it Means

A high volatility game promises to reward your efforts in the long term, which means that you may not find many winnings to pick shortly after you start playing.

High volatility games are titles that pay off in the long term. Patience and discipline are the keys to success here. It might take you a while to land a substantial payout. Then again, it’s always wise to make sure you are playing with a pre-determined budget, so that you would never end up chasing your losses, which is a gaming practice we don’t recommend.

This said, if you find yourself aching for BIG WINS, but can’t muster up the courage to start playing, you might be better off sticking to some of the more accommodating games that will add to your bankroll more frequently.

When should you play high volatility games?

  • When you are prepared to take risks and potentially be rewarded several-fold for your patience and perseverance
  • When you understand the meaning of your investment and the potentially life-changing winnings you can pick
  • When you are tired of spinning for pennies and can afford to play with bigger bankroll
  • When you can avoid tipping into a reckless gaming behavior occasioned by losses

All of these criteria matter a big deal. Having the funds and the right mindset to embark on such an adventure could potentially pay off well, though, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Low Volatility – More Frequent Payouts

Conversely, low volatility online slots are quite pleasant to play. True, the amounts here will fluctuate between low and medium payouts, but this is not all too bad, especially when you win more often. Some people just prefer to stick to those even after they have amassed some money and can afford experimenting with other neat features, such as progressive jackpots, for example. It’s a calmer manner of play and one we recommend if you are less of a chance taker.

When should you play low volatility games?

  • When you are playing just for the kicks of it
  • When you are only starting and your bankroll is still not as developed
  • Wen you are new to slots
  • When you love winning, even if the prize isn’t so big

This concludes our overview of volatility, an important and yet somewhat overlooked determining factor in how you experience the game.

The Top Developers in the Field

There are dozens of outstanding developers in this industry and our own experience in conducting online casino reviews has led us to discover dozens of great companies who put all their efforts in creating casino experiences that you will remember long after you are done playing.

A glimpse of NetEnt’s portfolio.
Take a look at a NetEnt’s casino and the many titles you may enjoy.

Without a speck of doubt, the names of NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech ring familiar throughout the entire industry. They are the trailblazers in the online gambling industry, with rich portfolios that are featured on every casino worth their name.

At the same time, we most definitely would advise you to keep your eyes opened for anything developed by Play’n’Go, Playson, Fugaso, BestSlots, Felix, NextGen and dozens more! Each studio comes with a slightly different approach, which pushes the boundaries of the gaming experience.

And let’s face it, when all is said and done, you stand to benefit the most from this. Studios are now considering creating an even more exciting products that resemble video games in full.

Bonuses and Promotions – Always Helpful

Different spin bonuses and promotions.
Pick your bonus and start spinning today! The freebies are all up for grabs.

There are quite a few bonuses to enjoy playing the slots. A good bonus will help build your bankroll at the beginning, too, and we recommend opting for one at the get-go. Most commonly, to access a bonus, you will have to deposit a small amount and be rewarded both with free spins but also money that you can then use on slots as well.

And the best part is that while many casino products have “bonus contributions” that don’t count at 100% of the money you wager, playing slots allows you to clear your bonus conditions the quickest and cash out your winnings without any delays.
In general, you can benefit from several types of slot bonuses:

  • Deposit bonus
  • Free spins
  • Reload bonuses
  • Free play

Each of these will help you kickstart your bankroll and also prolong your stay at the casino while you debate whether to stick around and become a loyal customer.

Mobile – Taking the Slot Experience with You

Compatibility is another important aspect of any casino. This includes mobile compatibility. The majority of gamers are increasingly on the go and they often love to commute and place a few spins while outside the house.

At Slots Reviewed, we take care to compare how the operators hold and note everything down in our online casino reviews. We tinker with the website from a variety of devices, too, so if we say that a casino is actually mobile friendly, you can take our word for it.

Naturally, most casinos – and certainly the ones we review – all run well on mobile. However, there may be a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out here and there, but that’s work in progress and to be expected on occasion.

HTML5 vs Flash – Do All Games Run Well?

Online slots were originally designed to be run on flash, but changes in the industry have occasioned most developers to re-focus their efforts on using the much more responsive (and inclusive) HTML5.

Some casinos may still have a handful of titles that haven’t been ported for HTML5 yet, so your choice of gaming products could be restricted on occasion, but this mostly concerns older products whereas the latest and trending arrivals are equally accessible to iOS and Android users.

The Best Casinos Are Safe & Secure

As part of our online casino reviews, we always pay attention to the security that an operator offers. Rest assured that our experts make sure to examine everything from the level of technical security, such as SSL encryption, to checking up with any independent audits a casino undergoes in order to establish their credibility.

License is important and we make sure it’s well deserved. Hours of gaming and reading scrupulously through every bit of text and sometimes even code allows us to paint the full picture of a casino that helps you choose a reliable place to play.

At Slots Reviewed, we’re your one-stop shop for anything slot-related. Care to know which the best brands are or simply want to pick the most delightful games on the market? You’ve come to the right place.