With the online casino industry in an upswing, it’s no surprise that so many iGaming studios are trying to build the next blockbuster gaming title. The numbers of software developers have swelled to impressive numbers, and every month we see a string of promising new titles. From NetEnt to Microgaming, there are some excellent studios out there and we have reviewed them in full along with their features. Here are the ten brands we recommend:

What Types of iGaming Platforms Are There?

The casino world has changed quite a bit since the first online casino by Microgaming debuted back in the early 1990s. First, there were the online casinos accessible directly through your browser. Then, as brands began to evolve and become more imaginative, other platforms appeared.

Dedicated players would be granted access directly to downloadable software suites that could be installed on personal computers, although this was mostly an option available to Windows users. Each platform today has its merits and to some – its drawbacks. We review the majority of them right here.

Instant Play or Download Casino?

Even today, many users find themselves wondering if there are any inherent upsides to either type of play. After much dedicated testing, we can safely conclude that whatever your preferred mode of playing is, you shouldn’t worry too much about which option you pick.

Instant play offers quicker access to the portfolio of games available at a casino, as all you have to do is register an account and choose a game you would like to play. Casinos that offer a dedicated software suite would first require you to download the software and install it.

This is a small price to pay for the immersive experience that follows. Once again, though, it all boils down to your own preferences. If you feel that a browser is too distracting, you can always spend a dedicated session in a casino’s native and exclusive suite.

Mobile Slots and Software

The most popular type of experience these days is certainly for mobile. Handheld devices are a preferred way to enjoy casinos these days, and you can rest assured that both developers and particular operators have done their best to implement slot games that allow their customers to access the titles directly through their smartphones and tablets, regardless of the operating system of the device.

NetEnt offers some of the most accomplished gaming options when it comes to mobile. Plus, you can play directly through a browser or download a dedicated app available for both iOS and Android. Some legal restrictions could make the process of obtaining an iOS app a little more complicated, so keep this in mind.

Live Dealer Games

You won’t see video and progressive jackpot slot games offered as “live dealer games,” as the experience doesn’t require a dedicated casino staff to help you play. Yet, it’s always worth keeping in mind that the same developers that bring you awesome titles, such “Chinese Kitchen” by Playtech, are also capable of branching out into other exciting segments of the iGaming experience, such as live games.

Are We Safe When We Play Slots?

Safety is quite important to operators and game developers alike. With this being said, all reputed developers listed on our websites have been audited and issued a license by an independent authority. Regulators also have their say in allowing certain brands on national markets, so it’s always a good idea to stick with those licensed brands. Not sure which they are? Jump up to the beginning of this page to refresh your memory and see the companies we have reviewed and considered to meet present day standards.

Random Number Generators (RNG) Protecting Our Profits

To guarantee you a completely randomized outcome of each spin, and hence give you the best chances of winning a decent reward. The RNG is designed in a way that will generate completely unknown results that may not be calculated neither by machine nor man. All studios’ games today come with these generators that are tested by independent auditors, such as iTech Labs.

To make things even more secure, none of the operators can actually tinker with the numbers that determine the payout. All RTPs are a fixed percentage that is adjusted by the software makers and operators themselves cannot change those numbers.

Innovation in Slot Games?

You can expect a lot of good things to follow insofar as the slot online experience is concerned. NetEnt has set an example of boosting its payout rates and creating many and exciting features which appeal to customers.

Bonus levels, avalanche reels, free spins, and second on-screen board games are just some of the pleasant features that software developers focus on. The experience is on the cusp of transitioning from a 3D gaming into a virtual reality experience which will offer a new level of gameplay wholeness. Looking for some excellent cutting-edge slot experience? Stick with the recommended software developers and check out their latest products.

Dozens of New Slots Every Month

Just looking at the recommended developers on our list, you already have access to nearly a dozen of game makers who are committed to creating products that will define the gaming experience for years to come. Some studios focus on the visuals whereas others try to change the gameplay in a way that allows their products to stand out from the rivals’. Ultimately, the competition between software providers creates a healthy and vibrant gaming environment which you as a gamer can enjoy.