Responsible Gambling

Online gambling is an industry which has grown beyond all expectations in the past decade. At SlotsReviewed we know that gambling needs to be done responsibly and for players it’s of the utmost importance to know your limitations when it comes to play. Read our tips and hints for responsible gambling and make sure every gambling experience you have is a good one.

Responsibility for Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling isn’t just something that a player needs to look out for. Casinos and bookmarking sites, as well as all offline forms of gambling, need to play their part too. All legitimate operators and providers of games are heavily regulated to make sure they do their bit to ensure that all gambling activity they promote and encourage is done so in a responsible manner. It should also be safe and fair for every single player.

All legal gambling is closely monitored by authorities such as a territory’s government as well as gambling authorities in individual countries who are responsible for issuing licenses to gambling websites. Regular testing and auditing ensures that these sites remain fair and that they encourage users to play responsibly.

Any site which we recommend here at SlotsReviewed has passed through rigorous testing for responsible gambling and we only suggest playing at such sites to keep everyone’s gambling experience the way it should be.

Legal Gambling Age

The most important thing before you start participating in any form of gambling is to make sure that you are of legal age. The legal gambling age limit varies depending on where you are playing from as well as the type of game you’re betting on.

In general, the minimum age is 18 years old for the majority of gambling, but it is your responsibility to make sure that you are abiding by the minimum age requirement of the legal jurisdiction of where you live.

Also, it is your responsibility to make sure that no underage person has access to any of your gambling accounts.

How to Make Sure You Gamble Responsibly

Gambling websites can do as much as possible to ensure that responsible gambling is promoted, but ultimately the main responsibility lies with the individual player. Follow these tips to make sure gambling always remains fun:

Treat it as entertainment

This is what gambling is – a form of entertainment. You might need to remind yourself of this, particularly if you gamble often. It’s a hobby, a way of spending your free time and a method of unwinding. It’s not a job and you’re not going to earn a second income from it. You might win a lot and sometimes you might lose a little. You need to take the rough with the smooth and have a set amount of money you wish to use on gambling, the same as you would with any other pastime.

 Only gamble what you can afford to lose

This follows on from the previous point. Decide your bankroll before you start and stick to it. Borrowing money from that month’s rent or anywhere else because you think you are going to hit that big win soon is a definite no-no.

Take a break

Doing anything for a prolonged period of time can affect you mentally, especially if it involves hours of looking at a computer screen. It’s not good for your eyes either and you should take regular breaks where you do something else. Long sessions of gambling are fine sometimes, but not always. Make sure you have long breaks in between sessions, perhaps only doing it every other day or at a weekend.

Don’t play under the influence

Many people drink in offline casinos as it’s often given to them for free. Why do casinos give away drinks like this? Because alcohol lowers inhibitions and makes people more likely to be reckless, that’s why. You should never gamble under the influence of alcohol or drugs and it should also be avoided if you’re angry or upset. Playing immediately after a row with your boss or partner could also lead to reckless gambling, which you want to avoid whenever possible.

Never chase losses

Regret at having lost money is common. As is attempting to win it back. Sometimes it might be possible, and you might get lucky and hit a decent win, but generally speaking chasing losses is throwing good money after bad and will invariably lead to a much bigger loss than you initially faced.

Problem Gambling

If you struggle to stick to the tips which we outlined above, then you might have a gambling problem. The following are also signs that gambling might be taking over your life:

  •       Falling behind with rent or payments because of gambling
  •       Constantly thinking about playing
  •       Loss of sleep
  •       Irrational arguments with loved ones
  •       Gambling in secret
  •       Borrowing or stealing money in order to gamble
  •       Continuing to gamble even after a big win

If you recognise your own behaviour in one or more of the above points, then we recommend that you stop gambling. Once it stops being fun it can take on a whole different dimension, but there is help for those who need it.

Dealing with Gambling Addiction

Stopping gambling is the first step you should take. All trusted websites which promote responsible gambling will allow you to set staking limits for yourself, close your account for a certain period of time or even to self exclude indefinitely and these are all there as tools to help those who struggle a little with a gambling dependency.

Talking helps and whether you talk to a family member, friend, fellow gambler or a medical professional you will find plenty of people who are willing to listen and offer you guidance with how to deal with your problem gambling.

If this happens to you, just remember that many before you have struggled and managed to successfully stop themselves from gambling compulsively and you can do the same too.

Seeking Professional Help

If for whatever reason you believe that your situation requires professional help, the following are highly regarded organizations that are extremely experienced and dedicated to helping thousands of players like yourself on the road to recovery.  

United States:

United Kingdom:



New Zealand:

Here at SlotsReviewed we’re all about responsible gambling. We want it to be a fun form of entertainment for all players and we hope that everyone can play without becoming addicted. That’s why we promoted responsible gambling, both on our website and by ensuring that all our recommended sites for players have the necessary measures in place to enable and ensure safe, fair and responsible playing.