Software Developer: Random Logic (Dragonfish)


Random Logic casino software maker is a big name in the world of iGaming. They have gained prominence through the development of various games for the award-winning online casino portal 888. Today, you won’t find Random Logic’s logo as a stand-alone brand, but rather as part of 888’s larger offer and under Dragonfish’s banner. This is just as well, as the software provider knows how to craft products that are easy to distinguish from all the rest and provide players with a memorable experience.

The company has expanded well beyond online casinos and it has worked with a number of reputable brands, including Caesars Casino, Casino On Net,and of course 888 Games. Millionaire Genie, Harmonium, and Irish Riches are just of the few of the excellent titles you will experience. Today, Random Logic is known under another name – Dragonfish. We will explore the essence of the company before it made the move towards being Dragonfish.

About Random Logic

Random Logic has kicked off back in 1997 along with 888, giving itself quite some time to evolve within the iGaming industry and experience things first hand. The studio has affiliated itself with several other casinos, but the bulk of its operations lies with 888 where Random Logic has taught itself how to provide the world with some of the finest games around.

Random Logic Slots

Let’s admit it, we are all here to experience the slot games and with this being the case, it’s good news that Random Logic has a bulky slot offer to share. You can experience as many different titles as you wish from the 84 available slots today. New ones are constantly being developed, so don’t take this number at face value and expect some new additions throughout the year.

Video Slots – Difficult to Resist

There is enough games to explore when it comes to the video most of which are updated with cutting-edge graphics and very friendly user interface (UI) that will make the actual gameplay a treat. There is a whole lot of cool titles to explore with “Millionaire Genie”, “Aztec Realm”, and “Bollywood Bonanza” being just a handful of the many excellent games you can get your hands on. Personal choice does play a role here, with quite few of the games worth a closer look, including:

  • Harmonium
  • Irish Riches
  • Bloodlines
  • Cat Me If You Can!
  • Ghost in the Shell

In a word, Random Logic is not shy of оffering all sorts of branded and non-banded games that definitely strike home with the majority of players. “Ghost in the Shell” will definitely appeal to Japanese “anime” fans and as to “Cat Me If You Can!,” the name is a cool play of words from Steven Spielberg’s movie “Catch Me If You Can”. Yet, this is not all and there is plenty more to expect here.

Some Cool Slots to Consider

So far as cool slots by Random Logic go, you will definitely appreciate their library. There is quite the choice and if you are looking for bulky payouts, you should consider games such as Bejeweled Slot, which can dish out as much as $200,000 in jackpot cash.

Pyramid’s Treasure is another slot game that will definitely catch the eye of the attentive gamer. The game offers a single payline and three reels, but the jackpot is $4,000, which is a very good opportunity, even if the there is only a single payline.

Most of the jackpot games are fixed, meaning that you will play for a pre-determined amount, but this doesn’t detract from the generous payouts. Speaking of cool slots to consider, we would recommend you to give these a go:

  • Doctor Love
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Santastic
  • King Kong
  • Cleopatra
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

As you can see, movie-inspired slots are available all over the place, which will definitely strike home with the cinema buffs among you. We were particularly happy to find so many slot names that we recognized independently from the game.

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” has successfully captured the essence of the horror experience that the movie introduces. Similarly, King Kong is another well wrought-out slot that introduces players to the mystical jungles where the Kong dwells.

Random Logic Graphics & Features

While the majority of titles are quite awesome, including the latest arrivals under the 888 digital skin, there are a handful of games that still appear slightly dull in terms of visuals. This is easily fixable, though, so there is no need to worry about this.

Millionaire Genie, Harmonium and Irish Riches are all quite cool and when it comes to keeping customers happy in terms of visuals, you will find the games in no immediate shortage. After all, the company has been in business since 1997 and this does mean that some of the games will have a distinctly more classic look and feel about them.

This doesn’t, in any way affect the gameplay, though, and you can always squeeze out awesome profits even from the old classic-looking slots that have been developed by Random Logic.

Mobile Gaming

Any self-respecting brand would guarantee you a quick and easy access to a number of titles that are playable from handheld devices and desktop computers. This is precisely what you can expect from Random Logic.

As part of the 888 offer, Random Logic aren’t allowed any shortcomings and that’s why you can enjoy a fulfilling mobile experience. Better yet, you can download the native app that 888 offers for both iOS and Android, which means that you will enjoy even more comfortable and rewarding gaming experience.

Our Opinion

Random Logic is not a name that immediately strikes as familiar and that’s because the studio has been happy to work under the digital skin of 888. Yet, you will always see their logo when a game is loading up and once you have been through the portfolio of games, it’s unlikely that you will easily want to try any other brand. Under their new name as Dragonfish, the studio has found a whole new level of recognition among players and casinos.

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