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Realtime Gaming (RTG) goes back some way to when the company first began operations in 1998. Since then, RTG has advanced to the point where it is a beloved provider of gaming solutions for the iGAMING industry. Licensed and audited by multiple regulators around the world, RTG brings some of the safest and also most entertaining products any present-day gamer would ever lay hands on.

The company has certainly spared no effort in developing a full and enjoyable portfolio which you can put to some great use yourself right off the start.

While the company’s offer is definitely worth a closer examination in its entirety, we have decided to draw your attention to one particularly slice of delightful gaming experience – the slots. There are all sorts to enjoy here and we encourage you to explore the whole lot of them.

About Realtime Gaming

Since it first launched in 1998, the company has come a long, long way. It wasn’t until 2004 that the company made a more notable debut on the iGAMING scene with RTG making the news when a game landed the impressive $1.3 million off $1,000 deposit.

The company also decided to relocate to Heredia, Costa Rica in 2007 when it began scaling its operations and because of more favorable iGAMING regulations in Costa Rica. RTG also began operating under a different corporate roof in January, the same year, when an acquisition by Hastings International was concluded giving the company an opportunity to grow under a more streamlined entity.

Since that time, RTG casinos have been spawning all over the world. There were some unpleasantness with the RTG-powered Crystal Palace group, but they were largely resolved, giving the software developer an opportunity to move forward.

Realtime Gaming Slots

If slots is the name of the game, then Realtime Gaming is definitely up to the task. There are many slots to be found under the RTG name, from the vintage classics to the well-designed modern titles. To top it all off, RTG has developed its games in three main directions insofar as the slots are concerned, to name:

  • Progressive Games
  • “Reel series” Slot Games
  • Slot Games
  • Specialty Games

Each of these is worth spending some times playing, so we are quite happy to introduce you to the variety of gaming options you will find with RTG.

Progressive Games

Even though RTG doesn’t strike as the software maker with the most progressive games under the same roof, it’s definitely worth giving the Spirit of the Inca and Megasaur a fair go. Both games set to pay out some pretty impressive numbers if you are ever so lucky to land the lucky combinations needed to hit the big pot of money.

Megasaur has a distinctly vintage look, but this is definitely something that we like in the game. The “Megasaur” constitutes the Wild Symbol in this slot and it comes in two tinges – red and green. It’s always fun to get these, as the Megasaurs help you conclude your combinations and turn a profit on the spot.

There is an additional free spin and a bonus feature. Judging by the RTPs alone, Megasaur offers a decent 96% payout return and given our own tests, you will mostly be able to break even. Even without a life-changing amount to consider, Megasaur is a great Reatltime Gaming game and it represents the progressive games portfolio very well.

Slot Games

What you and us would call “slot games” are not so many, but RTG has done a good job of keeping fans engaged and busy. Presently, there are four cool games to pick from, including:

  • Bank on It!
  • Food Fight!
  • Lucky Lightnin
  • High Rollers

Other Fish to Fry – Specialty Games

So far as specialty games go, you can tell that RTG is a studio that focuses exclusively on developing slot solutions, and yet the studio has done a very good job of preparing and introducing a fairly decent selection of table games, including French Roulette, Bingo and European Roulette.

Reel Slots Series Games

The “Reel Series” are RTG’s own take on the slots experience. The games are highly-customizable when it comes to the RTPs, which gives businesses and customers a great opportunity to win big. Even though casinos can link the games in a progressive super jackpot individually, the majority of iGAMING venues have agreed to work together in order to offer even bigger and pricier payouts to the end-user, meaning you.

On top of that the Reel Series portfolio is very diverse, which means more fun titles for you to explore on your own time and enjoy as you see fit. Here are just several popular solutions that you may have played without realizing they are designed by the skilled hands of RTG:

  • Basketbull
  • Builder Beaver
  • Bulls & Bears
  • Bubble Bubble
  • Aztec’s Treasure

These games come with a bunch of other cool features, too and they are not the only highlights in the RTG portfolio either. Slots that you can expect to turn you profit include Enchanted Garden, Lucha Libre, Coyote Cash.

Even though the actor who played in Lucha Libre, the movie, has passed away after having a heart attack in the ring, his legacy lives on thanks to RTG’s acclaimed game which is one of the most recognizable signature works of the company.

Mobile Gaming

Realtime Gaming doesn’t cut any shortcuts when it comes to how it designs and builds its games. For the most part, all games are fully HTML5 optimized which means that they can be played from both flash and iOS devices.

With this hurdle out of the way, what you can expect is to always have a decent title to access and play. Tablets and smartphones will be part of the omni-channel experience which allows you to switch between devices, including desktop computers and enjoy RTG casinos on the go and on your own time.

There are still games that need to be caught up to the latest users’ expectations, but with RTG taking an active stance in improving their overall approach towards the gaming experience, the company promises to make even better strides insofar as gaming goes.

Our Opinion

Without any doubt, Realtime Gaming makes it in the world of iGAMING. Big RTG casinos are to be found all over the place and so far as variety goes, the developer has a lot of good options to entertain future players to.

The RTG games portfolio is only going to grow moving forward, which is good news for anyone interested in having a go at a highly-engaging casino experience. With RTG, you will definitely get games that you enjoy a whole lot on your hands.

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