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Looking for a great Vegas-inspired treat? Want to be part of the gaming bonanza at The Strip without hoping on the next flight and heading over to the sunny state of Nevada? Well, there is an alternative that is both more convenient and arguably far better. From a tempting $100 in free chips to exploring a trove of exquisitely designed games, the Las Vegas USA Casino is the best place to be if you want to enjoy some spins with the progressive slots or play on any number of the multi-reel titles.

The Digital Strip knows how to entertain its customers, offering you free goodies, excellent mobile compatibility and titles that will run without a hitch on any device you have on your hands. And what better way is there than to start your gaming other than with $100 upon registration? It’s like free play, but better.

Care to know which titles would yield the highest profit? Want to keep adding to your bonus funds, and most importantly – crave for the best slots on the market? Look no farther and plunge into play after reading our detailed guide, for we bring you la crème de la crème of the online slots world.


The Las Vegas USA casino has been carefully designed to leave a good impression from the start. Whether you open the mobile version, come across the welcome bonus screen or drop right into the lobby, you will find the facilities to be quite intuitive. Nothing stops you from progressing further and starting to enjoy the games with your newly-acquired funds.

A look at the USA Las Vegas online casino.
A look at the gaming facilities.

And since we are great fans of the slots, we dedicated a fair bit of time exploring the segment. The games you will find here are both mobile-friendly and the majority of these titles run on HTML5, a piece of technology that not only smooths out the gameplay, but also improves the security of the casino.

The Las Vegas USA casino is legit, with the operator having dedicated time to create a modernized library of games running on all devices. Not only that, but the website is completely mobile friendly, as revealed by its seal of approval. They have been accredited by the Central Dispute System (CDS), which means that if you worry about something regarding payout, you can seek an independent mediator to help. But the best news is that our research indicated that no such claims have been placed. In a word? This digital Strip is as safe as casinos can be.

Looking at the graphics of each individual slot, we’re pleased with the findings. The graphics are carefully prepared to create an atmosphere that will help you immerse yourself completely. Pick Bubble Bubble and enjoy a Halloween setting with witches, bubbling cauldrons, and all other paraphernalia that comes with witchcraft.

The interace of Bubble Bubble 2.
Behold the exquisitely made Bubble Bubble 2

As soon as you load the game, you’ll notice the elaborately crafted design. The symbols and interface are introduced with a bit of artistic whimsy. Naturally each game will come with its own specific visuals, whether that’s the choice of colors or theme. We’ve seen Nordic Gods and Asian culture materialize before our very eyes playing at the casino, and each scenery is more pleasing than the last.

A look at the secret jungle.

In a word? You’ll definitely enjoy exploring the entire library at Las Vegas USA casino, and the good news is you can do it on your own time. The audio is equally riveting in every sense of the word. The tunes range from the refreshingly upbeat to the eerie refrains that add a memorable last dash to the overall experience.

Game Features

Slots come with many and varied features, because each studio strives to be individualist in its presentation of games. While most share core traits, you’ll quickly spot the differences that give you something to remember the game by. But let’s start simple.

Secret and wild features.
Check out the cool features with the Las Vegas’ slots!

Every game you will find browsing through the operator’s page will come with a Wild and Scatter symbol – one in the very least. These symbols help you obtain better payouts and access hidden levels. The wilds will help you notch up winning combinations while a Scatter is most welcome as it will grant you access to some of the bonus features. And of these, Las Vegas USA casino has plenty.

Paytable and winning combinations.
Make sure to double check with the available information at your slot.

We’ve found it very easy to check if the slots are truthful to what is advertise, as there are built-in help tables, which will quickly walk you through every single payline and possible winning combination. There are even secret levels, which will allow you to participate in some sort of a raffle, make a choice that will determine the outcome of your game, or get a few rounds’ worth of free spins!

Secreted levels up for grabs!
A secret bonus level awaits.

On top of that, a bonus level need not be just one. Quite to the contrary in fact, you can be presented with multiple bonus level and be asked to choose. Another great aspect of the gaming experience here is the jackpot! Whether it’s progressive or fixed, it makes little odds to you, because you will be always happy to grow your bankroll.


Bonuses at Las Vegas USA casino are definitely a sight to behold. You can benefit from the $100 in free chips upon registration, allowing you to plunge into real play without spending a single dime out of your wallet. It’s a refreshing and excellent way to explore the casino and no amount of free play or no deposit bonus can live up to this act of generosity.

Las Vegas USA casinos.
Having a go at the bonuses will help you win even more!

A general $3,000 bonus awaits, but if you want a truly personalized touch, make sure to register first and then head right for the bonus facilities located under “Promotions”. You can still do that from the instant client or you can just download the software that provides you the same level of comfort, too.

There a lot of promotions and most of them focus on giving you bonus funds up to 200%. Some will apply for specific titles, other will focus on new games that will give you a great chance to explore something different. Overall, we are content with the bonuses you will find on Las Vegas USA casino, as they offer easy to accomplish 30x in playthrough requirements, which is more accommodating than most operators out there.

In conclusion, the bonuses you will find here will top off the experience, but the true charm of Las Vegas USA casino lies in the variety of exquisite gaming options, trove of neat little features for you to discover, and the fantastic atmosphere. Care to join us for a session of gaming at The Digital Strip?

Established 1999
Licensed Panama
Owned by LasVegasUSA
Payout Time 3-7 Days
Payout Rate 96%
Min. Deposit $20
Languages English
Payment Options Bitcoin, Master Card, Visa
Supported Currencies US dollars
Software Realtime Gaming
Compatible with

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